August 09, 2022

DeWaiters: The Trip

Polish progressive post-rock trio DeWaiters play fast, really fast sometimes, on their latest EP, The Trip, with four instrumentals about wanting to hitch a ride to the heavens or outer space even. They have put their tension and release skills to good use and managed to capture high quality dynamics on a shoestring budget, with engineer Benjamin Schrier working his magic for the mixing and mastering process.

Standout track: A Different Kind Of Driving, a track that kicks off with of bunch of chopped notes that will get a thumbs up from guitarists who like to add a bit of spice as an introduction for their fusion licks.

Jakub Tutaj: guitar
Witold Fudała: bass
Grzegorz Jakieła: drums

DeWaiters: The Trip

The Trip is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. November Sky
  2. A Different Kind Of Driving
  3. Orange River
  4. Riding The Waves

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