July 15, 2022

Petridisch featuring Leah Callahan: OCSID

Boston based musicians Petridisch (stage name of Thor Maillet) and Leah Callahan thought it would be fun to tackle two rather cheesy, but catchy songs from the pop disco era on their new single, OCSID. Giving Christina's Don't Be Greedy and Andrea True's More More More a little kick worked out like a charm. The lo-fi sheen gives both tracks a new lease on life. There is some irony in there, but also respect for a genre that never got much love. Both released as cash-ins back in the day - and adding True's main career as a pornographic actress as a welcome extra marketing ploy - both songs became big hits and dance floor favourites.

OCSID is released via Fish Prints.

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» Leah Callahan on Bandcamp

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