June 13, 2022

Velocihamster: Uncaged

Covers come in two sizes: replicating the original (the dreaded bands playing weddings and office parties or posing as the real thing in mid-sized venues), and the ones that deconstruct and rebuild the song. Lap steel guitar progressive metal band Velocihamster is firmly ensconced the latter category and offer nine rockers on their new album Uncaged. Some very familiar (Ace of Spades, Frankenstein, Thunderstruck) but also some deep cuts ( Sneaker Pimps6 Underground, Sarah McLachlan’s Possession).

Musician/producer Sean Williamson is dead set on proving that a lap steel can rawk as hard as a conventional guitar. To do so he turned Gratitude (Beastie Boys) and In the Evening into showcases of his dexterity. The familiar Phish live encore Tweezer Reprise is a natural final track for this album that is both a tribute and reinvention of the music that is close to his heart. Using even more drummers than Spinal Tap (thankfully none of them died) to provide a custom made foundation for each track Williamson gives a one-fingered salute to all the copycat musicians who follow the blueprints to make an easy buck and insult serious music lovers.

Velocihamster: Sean Williamson: lap steel guitar, vocals (Gratitude)
Matt Turner: fretless bass guitar
Matt Rhyner: drums (6 Underground, Sleepwalk, Possession, Tweezer Reprise)
Dave Schoepke: drums, Timpani (Ace of Spades, In the Evening)
Dylan Koch: drums (Frankenstein)
Eric Kummer: drums, Percussion (Gratitude)
Chris Oelke: drums (Thunderstruck)
Kris Crow: Hammond, clavinet, synth (Frankenstein, Gratitude, Possession)
Dave Wake: piano, Hammond (Tweezer Reprise)
Chuck Garric: vocals (Ace of Spades)
Vincent Black: vocals (Thunderstruck)
Dustin Moon: vocals (Thunderstruck)
Aaron Gardner: tenor sax (Frankenstein)

Uncaged is available digitally on iTunes. Release date: June 17th. It is coming to vinyl soon. Pre-order it from their website.

  1. Ace of Spades
  2. Frankenstein
  3. 6 Underground
  4. Thunderstruck
  5. Sleepwalk
  6. Gratitude
  7. In the Evening
  8. Possession
  9. Tweezer Reprise

» velocihamster.net

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