February 21, 2021

Velocihamster: Balls to the Wall

Milwaukee, WI based Velocihamster may well be the world's only lap steel guitar progressive metal band. Founded by musician/producer Sean Williamson they put this instrument smack in the middle of the spotlights. And it turns out, it can hold its own amidst the "conventional" guitars that have dominated the genre. By default the steel bar that is used to play the guitar is tailor made to go nuts with glissandi (of which there are plenty). The bass players can follow suit, using fretless instruments.

On their first full-length Balls to the Wall is a breath of fresh air in the instrumental shredders niche. Pyrotechnics and chops never get in the way of throwing down a mean rocker. Williamson can make his lap steel scream and wail (Trap, Fall) as well as whisper and soothe (Baba). With the addition of two covers - a respectful version of Misirlou by the king of surf guitar Dick Dale and the funky Phish track First Tube - a splendid time is guaranteed for all. Recommended if you like The Aristocrats.

Balls to the Wall is available digitally for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. It is coming to vinyl website.

Sean Williamson: lap steel guitar, vocals
Matt Turner: fretless bass guitar
Alex Lofoco: fretless bass guitar ("Mate")
Eric Kummer: drums ("Trap", "Mate", "Baba")
Chris Oelke: drums ("Misirlou", "Wean")
Sean Smith: drums ("Safe", "Bury")
Matt Rhyner: drums ("First Tube")
Terry Jeanes Jr.: drums ("Fall")
Paul Kneevers: organ ("First Tube")

  1. Trap
  2. Mate
  3. Misirlou
  4. Fall
  5. Safe
  6. Bury
  7. First Tube
  8. Wean
  9. Baba

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