June 19, 2022

The Lethargics: Uncertain Times

The Lethargics

The Lethargics play gravelly Americana with a touch of mid-tempo, swaggering rock. On Uncertain Times, the latest by the Knoxville, TN based band, they wave a finger telling anyone who wants to hear that they had been warned that thing might go South on a personal and global scale. And while it is nice to be right (Bitterness, Right About The War) - a pessimist is never disappointed - they also offer a glimmer of hope for a Hollywood ending of sorts, with love winning out in the end (Love Goes On).

Uncertain Times is an album for fans of Jim White and The Replacements (preferably both). Despite their band name The Lethargics are not an outfit to take things lying down. They speak up in a loud voice, wrapping their concerns in fine rock 'n' roll that goes straight for the gut. They have the chops and the lyrics that deserves a far better piece of cover art than the Paint job they used - but maybe that's some sort of ironic move on their part.

Uncertain Times is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Uncertain Times
  2. Right About The War
  3. Tennessee
  4. Bitterness
  5. Headin' South
  6. Cross Your Mind
  7. Every Sunset
  8. Down There Again
  9. Moonlight
  10. Love Goes On

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