June 16, 2022

Steven Wilson: interview on SuperDeluxeEdition

Steven Wilson
photo: Lasse Holle

Steven Wilson was interviewd by Paul Sinclair, who runs SuperDeluxeEdition (SDE) about the new Porcupine Tree album Closure / Continuation. About being a frontman:

I always felt slightly fraudulent about the idea of being a lead guitar player. And also, I think I felt very strongly that I was the worst member, in terms of technical ability – I was the weakest musician in the band. And yet, I was the one that wrote most of the material, did most of the interviews was the was the focal point of the band. And I’m probably not the first person to feel that. I’m sure many people in bands who are the leader… I mean, you look at someone like Roger Waters, who is clearly the weakest musician in Pink Floyd, my favourite band. So there’s a precedent there, straightaway. But that was getting to me. And in fact, once the band ceased operations, and we we took a break from each other, I think the relationships got much better. And it’s been more fun to make this record, I think, than any Porcupine Tree record of the past, partly because I think I was allowing myself to just be one of the band, one of the team, and I’ve never really been able to do that before. My natural inclination is to not be a team player, to be a bit of a controlling force. So now with the solo career established, and with more time having passed and me mellowing slightly, I think it was a lot more fun to just allow myself to be part of a collaborative process this time.

Closure / Continuation will be released in a wealth of formats on 24th June 2022.

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