June 20, 2022

Spygenius: Jobbernowl


Spygenius are back with a new album Jobbernowl, their first batch of originals since the release of the sprawling Man On The Sea 2LP (HCTF's album of the year in 2020). They are drawing inspiration from history, whether it is quite recent - 2020 Revision about COVID - or in the not too distant past - Mandy Rice-Davis Applies harks back to the infamous Profumo affair. If need be songwriter Peter Watts mixes it up with tongue-in-cheek wordplay, complimenting a French revolutionary about his new dressing gown (I Dig Your New Robes, Pierre!) and - in a similar vein - philosopher Foucault roams he streets of Swinging London, inspired by the lyrics of Roger Miller's England Swings. Maybe he hitched a ride with The Marvellous, Mendacious Time Machine?

The quartet's joyous rhythms places them in the middle ground between power pop and New Wave. Son Of The Morning, Go Man Go! is fast-paced slice of '60 psych pop with a seasoning of post-punk. Imagine The Wedding Present having a drink with a couple of veterans of the Glastonbury scene. Motown meets East Coast psych in Screwy, a good-natured lament sung by bass player Ruth Rogers about the age gap that refuses to get smaller when a couple gets older. Jobbernowl is a treasure trove of wit, hooks and blink-and-you'll-miss-'em references.

Peter Watts: vocals, guitar
Ruth Rogers: bass, vocals
Matt Byrne: keyboards
Alan Cannings: drums

Spygenius: Jobbernowl

Jobbernowl is released via Big Stir Records. Release date: June 24th.

  1. I Dig Your New Robes, Pierre!
  2. Sky-Pie, Century 21
  3. 2020 Revision
  4. Son Of The Morning, Go Man Go!
  5. All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
  6. The Marvellous, Mendacious Time Machine
  7. Mandy Rice-Davis Applies
  8. Screwy
  9. Metamorphosis
  10. Of Narcissus
  11. Foucault Swings Like A Pendulum Do

Live date:
  • 07/02 Croydon, UK @ Return to the Oval Tavern
  • 07/09 Canterbury, UK @ The Unicorn

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