June 22, 2022

Skinny Dippers: Home

Brooklyn based musician Ryan Gross sings about being homesick on his new single by his Skinny Dippers project, not sure where Home after he picked up his stuff to move from Portland to leave his love behind. Will the distance put an end to their relationship? Promises that things won't change that much are not exactly reassuring. Gross goes for radio-friendly pop on this one, with deceptively cheerful backing vocals: "So tell me you wont change // And you'll still think the same ways // I'm writing you this song from 2, 000 miles away // I know we both were right // And we may see better days // But things seemed so much simpler when I thought we might stay". His neighbours, Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Dan Alvarez of pop-duo Toledo, produced the track.

Home is a self-released single. Buy it from his website. His debut album, The Town & The City, will be released in August.

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