June 02, 2022

Ken Newman: What Am I Afraid Of?

photo: James Courtney

San Francisco musician Ken Newman combines rock with activism on his new album What Am I Afraid Of?, tackling serious matters such as police violence (I Can't Breathe), egotistical sexual predators (I'm Your. 45), the environment (The Fish Song) and being rightfully afraid of gun-toting idiots (Dreaming of Guns). He isn't pontificating, but seriously worried.

Most of the songs were co-written by his producer, Scott Mickelson, who has a good ear for making the songs sound accessible, while respecting the intentions of the words. On the flip side of the coin Newman also offers first world problem songs like Talk to You, about just wanting to strike up a real live conversation with a woman and not relying on social media as a means to connect.

What Am I Afraid Of? is brutally honest, but fun to listen to, a rare combination indeed. Newman goes against the grain by playing old school rock guitar and speaking his mind about what angers him and what bothers him. He chooses not to look away as the police officer was telling people to do after a fatal shooting (Nothing to See Here). His guitar is not a weapon as such, but it sure packs a punch.

Ken Newman: What Am I Afraid Of?

What Am I Afraid Of? is a self-released album (vinyl, digital). Buy it from his website. part of the proceeds will go to Blanket the Homeless, the charity he set up about a decade ago.

  1. What Am I Afraid Of?
  2. Nothing to See Here
  3. Danny Don't Go Upstairs
  4. Talk to You
  5. I Can't Breathe
  6. We Should Do This Again
  7. Dreaming of Guns
  8. I'm Your. 45
  9. Away From You
  10. The Fish Song
  11. I Can't Breathe (acoustic)

Live dates:
  • 06/04 San Francisco, CA @ Music at the Eureka Valley / Harvey Milk Memorial Branch of SF Public Library
  • 06/11 San Francisco, CA @ Simple Pleasures Cafe,
  • 06/26 Glen Ellen, CA @ BR Cohn Winery
  • 06/30 San Francisco, CA @Literary Speakeasy - Martuni's Piano Bar
  • 09/03 San Francisco, CA @ Concert in the Park - Upper Noe Valley Rec Center
  • 10/30 Glen Ellen, CA @ BR Cohn Winery

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