June 08, 2022

David Newbould: Power Up!

photo: Ryan Knaack

Nashville based singer and multi-instrumentalist David Newbould is an optimist against all odds, with a firm belief in the power of rock 'n' roll. His new album Power Up! offers a menu of classic rockers, blues-tinged slow songs, a bit of country and a surprise cover of Crystal Gayle's Ready for the Times to Get Better. His hoarse voice is front and centre and rightly so. Newbould is like that favourite uncle who is the life of every party with his tales and wit.

He has a knack for painting a complete picture with a few words and come up with unusual, but relatable points of perspective. Bad news is being read while wearing Home Depot Glasses. Walking down to The Lawn to pay a visit to the grave of his granddad is part quest, part remembrance. There is always a trip to Peeler Park when it gets too much. Wandering around always clears his mind. He might even get lucky and catch a Sunrise Surprise that will refuel his already impressive stamina.

David Newbould: Power Up!

Power Up! is released via the Blackbird Record Label (vinyl, CD, digital). Release date: June 10th.

  1. Power Up!
  2. Peeler Park
  3. Blood On My Hands
  4. The Lawn
  5. Home Depot Glasses
  6. Ready For The Times To Get Better
  7. Last Letter
  8. One Last Dance
  9. That Was Another Time
  10. Sunrise Surprise
  11. Diggin' In

Live dates:
  • 06/10 Madison, TN @ Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge
  • 09/17 Barnhart, MO @ Lakeview House Concerts
  • 09/23 Leeuwarden, Netherlands @ Paddy O’Ryan

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