May 13, 2022

Zeno Jones: Stonewater Music EP

Guitarist Zeno Jones, half of blues duo of Louisville, KY based duo Cold Beverage, recorded all the tracks of his Stonewater Music EP on December 5 last year. Setting up shop @ Al Fresco's Place, he laid all the songs down in one take, playing guitar, suitcase drum and hi-hat/tambourine. It is fuzzy and in-your-face, a throwback to the early days of electric Delta blues.

With his gravel-voiced delivery Jones sounds like a man who you don't want to piss off. Telling tales about having lots of whiskey, riding trains in the middle of the night and trying to walk with 16 tons of mud in his shoes, he plays up a storm that full bands will have a hard time to replicate.

Zeno Jones: Stonewater Music EP

Stonewater Music is a self-released EP (CD, digital). Buy it from his website. Release date: May 17.

  1. Bringing the Bad Word
  2. I Hear You Talking
  3. Still Hollerin'
  4. Cold Beverage (Stonewater) Blues
  5. To the Moon (Joost Abbel)
  6. Train Whistle
  7. Burning Hell (John Lee Hooker)
  8. It Ain't Rained


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