May 11, 2022

War Honey: Last Woman Left At The Market

Brooklyn quartet War Honey mix art pop with a bit of opera and psychedelic rock on their new Last Woman Left At The Market EP. The impressive vocal range Gabrielle Dana can't be ignored, but it is the free-flowing yet carefully composed music that raises them far above the thousands of indie hopefuls. Aloofness and passion are playing catch. The ace melodies - imagine Weill and Brecht teaming up with the Jefferson Airplane - are grounded by a tight but loose rhythm section.

Taking into account that Dana and guitarist Ben Fitts basically had to start all over when their previous bassist and drummer called it quits during the pandemic, Last Woman Left At The Market finds them rejuvenated and eager to let the world hear their very special blend of influences. Play loud and repeat.

War Honey:
Gabrielle Dana: vocals, guitar
Ben Fitts: guitar
David Bloom: bass
Ian Ackerman: drums

War Honey: Last Woman Left At The Market

Last Woman Left At The Market is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. Stupid Stature
  2. Racehorse
  3. Forage For Porridge
  4. Halfwit Banquet

Live date:
  • 05/15 Queens, NY @ Ridgewood Presbyterian Church NYC
    (w/ Playing Dead, Barbicide & Skappository)


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