May 26, 2022

Steven Wilson: "Gear Talk" video

Watch Steven Wilson talking about the gear he used on the new Porcupine Tree album Closure / Continuation, including a cheap Mexican Telecaster and a new one that is made to look old and does not need a lot of gain to sound real. His trusted Paul Reed Smith guitar is also still part of the equation. He used it for Of The New Day, plugged into a cheap practice amp.

"The best sounds that you get are the sounds that happen almost instantly. Don't even think about it. When you make demos, and you are thinking too hard about what you are doing, quickly dialing up a sound, it's hard to beat that later on." Also: he reveals how to make major 7th chords sound evil.

Closure / Continuation will be released in a wealth of formats on 24th June 2022.


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