May 05, 2022

Johnny Dowd: Poetry, Music, Zines & Art in Ithaca

On May 7th Johnny Dowd will take over The Downstairs in his hometown Ithaca, NY, for Johnny Dowd's Epic Night of Poetry, Music, Zines & Art as part of the Zine Fest extravaganza:

Johnny was a poet before he was a musician, and you are invited to see whether he made the right choice, as after a poetry reading the band will join him on the stage. His first of likely many zines will be available for sale, and the last night of his gallery show will be on display.
Live dates:
  • 05/14 Newfield, NY @ Stone Bend Farm
  • 06/10-12 Rochester, NY @ Abilene Bar & Grill (supporting Amy Lavere & Will Sexton)
  • 06/13 Marlboro, NY @ The Falcon
  • 06/15 Hector, NY @ Lucky Hare Brewing (supporting Amy Lavere & Will Sexton)
  • 07/01 Ithaca, NY @ Lucky Hare At Press Bay
  • 07/xx Trumansburg, NY @ Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival (exact date TBA)


HCTF review of Homemade Pie.

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