May 27, 2022

Dogzen Zendog: Petals Nails

Dogzen Zendog
photo: Astrid Bärndal

Right from the get-go English musician Glenn O'Halloran makes it clear that the pigeonholing defying music of his Dogzen Zendog project shows no signs of slowing down. On the new album Petals Nails there is room for dub and Sophie Knöchelmann's violin in the opening track The Box and Godley & Creme receive a well-deserved pat on the shoulder in Where Lovers Go. O'Halloran has a firm on things, but there is plenty of room for improvisation. All saxophone parts by Joe O'Halloran are first takes recorded during the first play back of the track. That is nothing short of amazing and can only be accomplished by listening carefully

Recording with both and without a safety net gives the tracks an edge - the spoken word in One by One (The Wallet) serves as a nice contrast for the soul-tinged chorus. The mid-tempo Laura (in the Rainstorm) should strike a chord by Roxy Music fans.

Petals Nails is an apt title for this collection of loosely connected songs. They are both delicate and tough. Tracks like Old Coat, wherein post-rock meets jazz or the dadaesque Radio Interference will never make it to mainstream programming on the wireless, but musos and serious music lovers can pick this up and enjoy it for many years to come.

Dogzen Zendog: Glenn O'Halloran: vocals, backing vocals, piano, bass, effects, guitar, keyboards, kalimba, percussion, drums, programming
Sophie Knöchelmann: violin
Howard Lewis: guitar
Blake Leyh Bass: electric double bass, electic cello, programming
Brent O'Halloran: vocals, backing vocals, piano, harmoncia, acoustic guitar
"Big Tenor" Joe O'Halloran: saxophone

Dogzen Zendog: Petals Nails

Petals Nails is released via Xenotone (limited Great Stone Aqua vinyl - 200 copies, digital). Buy it from his website. Release date: May 27.

  1. Tin Box
  2. Where Lovers Go
  3. The Great Stone
  4. One by One (The Wallet)
  5. Laura (in the Rainstorm)
  6. Breeze Block
  7. Old Coat
  8. Radio Interference


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