April 29, 2022

The Living Sky: Enter the Sky

The Living Sky

Jason Millard and Matthew Himes explore the outer regions of psychedelic rock, ambient and drones on Enter the Sky, the debut album from their The Living Sky project. If you ever wondered what Pink Floyd might have sounded like if Syd Barrett had not lost his marbles, these two veterans from the Minneapolis may have finally answered that question.

Listen closely and find out that folk is lurking in the background, problably hiding from the howling guitar as if Jorma Kaukonen has joined The Velvet Underground for some bicoastal weirdness. This is trippy, but captivating stuff that will find its way to lo-fi fans who can handle waves of swirling guitar with barely contained feedback and echo.

The Living Sky: Enter the Sky

Enter the Sky is released via Home & Garden (limited cassette, digital).

  1. Cooling It Down
  2. Running Lights
  3. Wishing Well
  4. Blurred Horizons
  5. Cylinder
  6. Enter the Sky
  7. Evening Wheels

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