April 20, 2022

Mercvrial: Brief Algorithms

Mexican post-punk quartet Mercvrial have fully embraced the '80s synths/guitar sound that was all the rage in the UK back then. Add a swinging bass and travel back in time cranking their new album Brief Algorithms, a tasty amalgam of borderline mainstream rock mixed with urgent vocals, telling tales about the struggle to find a significant other, the failed promise of social media as a vessel for progress (Be That Someone), while dancing the night way (Dance In The Dark).

The shared vocals of Ricardo and David give them and edge over the competition, with I'll Get You Home On Time, Hail Of Arrows and a dark reinterpretation of Ultravox's Hiroshima Mon Amour as the cream of the crop. Also: bonus points for pulling off a truly great cover of Pink Floyd's Matilda Mother. They had the guts to add a bit of extra sauce of their own on that one. Having Terry Bickers (House of Love, Levitation) guesting on guitar on five of the tracks pretty much seals the deal: it is a sign of approval from a man who was at the forefront of pushing the sound of the guitar in the '80s. Mercvrial have the melodies and the chops to break out of the barriers from the retro-niche. Wearing your influences on your sleeve is actually a badge of honour when done right.

Ricardo: guitars, vocals
Rose: keyboards, marimba
David: vocals, guitars, misc
Cuervo: bass

Mercvrial: Brief Algorithms

Brief Algorithms is released on white vinyl via Crafting Room Recordings. Release date: April 29.

  1. Be That Someone *
  2. Dark Stars *
  3. Look Inside *
  4. I'll Get You Home On Time *
  5. Dance In The Dark
  6. Hail Of Arrows
  7. I Never Liked You Anyway
  8. Matilda Mother
  9. Hiroshima Mon Amour
  10. Cats Of Cavtat *
  11. Waiting On A Miracle
w/ Terry Bickers on guitar
w/ Kevin Wade Inge on 12-string guitar and percussion

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