April 10, 2022

Louis Rive: Dear Green Place

Scottish folk singer Louis Rive takes the listener for a walk through North-East Glasgow on his new EP, Dear Green Place. The city has seen better days, with the majority of its inhabitants living in poverty - the average lifespan is 56, but Rive points to the beauty that is still there.

He loves the stories that people are telling each other and dreams of a better future for his city. He is always happy to return to his place of birth, with a fresh stack of songs that he wrote while on the road. Glaswegians could not wish for a better ambassador.

Louis Rive: Dear Green Place

Dear Green Place is a self-released EP. Buy it from his website.

  1. House in the Sky for a Gallowgate Child
  2. Swings and Roundabouts
  3. M 8 Adventurer
  4. The High Road Back to Home

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