April 09, 2022

Donna Blue: A Lover In Disguise

Donna Blue
photo: Philine van den Hul

Dutch retro-pop duo Donna Blue keep their streak of doomed love songs going with their new single, A Lover In Disguise. The guitar comes straight out of the heyday of Italian '70s movies, conjuring up images of a deserted, sun-beaten village in the middle of nowhere. Danique van Kesteren and Bart van Dalen follow the path that was explored by Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra. It is highly likely that this a story that will all in end in tears, but it is a Hell of a ride.

A Lover In Disguise is released via Snowstar Records. Their first full-length Dark Roses will be released on May 13 and is available for pre-order here (vinyl, CD, digital).

Dutch club tour:
  • 05/17 Melkweg, Amsterdam
  • 05/18 Paard, Den Haag
  • 05/19 Hedon, Zwolle
  • 05/26 Mezz, Breda
  • 05/27 Ekko, Utrecht
  • 05/29 Patronaat, Haarlem
  • 06/02 Luxor Live, Arnhem
  • 06/05 Rotown, Rotterdam
German tour:
  • 09/16 Franz Ulrich, Kassel
  • 09/17 Schokoladen, Berlin
  • 09/18 Gdanska, Oberhausen
  • 09/20 Kulturclub Schon Schön , Mainz
  • 09/21 MUZclub, Nuremberg
  • 09/22 Heppel & Ettlich, Munich
  • 09/23 Manufaktur Schorndorf
  • 09/24 Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg
  • 09/25 Kinett Schalander Kusel
  • 09/27 FZW, Dortmund
  • 09/28 KOHI-Kulturraum, Karlsruhe

» bluedonnablue.com

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