April 30, 2022

Amy Correia: "Bow to the Fire" video

Watch the new Amy Correia video for Bow to the Fire, a track from her As We Are EP: "(She) has been lying low mostly, since the release of her You Go Your Way album in 2012. She wrote the music for The Tiger Hunter with guitarist Paul Masvidal and she played one-off shows every now and then. It seemed her days as a recording artist were a thing of the past, but fast forward to 2022 and there she is with a brand new EP, As We Are. She mixes blues (Bow to the Fire) and country (Sunday Driver, The Beggar), but it all comes together in the late night crooning with a jazz twist With All of Us. If they had had rock 'n'roll in the days of the Weimar Republic, it would have sounded like this."

The clip was shot by Jessie Carter Clavin, following her through the seasons.

» amycorreia.com

HCTF review of As We Are.

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