March 11, 2022

William William Rodgers: Are We Still On?

Anyone who is craving for a modern day folk troubadour should look into William William Rodgers, a singer and guitarist living in the Birmingham suburb Kings Heath. Are We Still On? is his fifth single, wherein a girl urges her lover to look away, when she is in tatters at her birthday, with smudged mascara and smelling of factor 50. Backed by Pete Churchill (accordion, backing vocals), Beth Bellis (viola) and Ben Muirhead (string bass) he has created a full kitchen sink drama within the space of a little under 4 minutes.

He has been told that he sounds a bit like Robert Wyatt in the past, which is kind of accurate. There is also a hint of Nick Drake and T.E. Yates in there. He is working on an album, William William Rodgers Sings the Yellow Pages, but he isn't rushing things, releasing one song at the time. It will be worth the wait.

Are We Still On? is a self-released single. Buy it from his website.

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