March 17, 2022

Time Cops: End Of History EP

Time Cops
photo: Guillem Bonet

Shoegaze, post-punk, and a short & sweet outburst of hardcore are crammed unto End Of History, the debut EP by Time Cops, a trio with lots of respect for the alternative music that was all the rage in the '80s and '90s. The vocals are a bit distant - the breakneck speed they applied to Dreaming Off The End Of The World is the sole exception. Ennui and anger are trying to commandeer the spotlight, with All I Wanted, about an armchair revolutionary who finds himself in a queue in the supermarket, as the stand-out track.

They have the hooks, the witty lyrics and the chops - note the double time in the EP's closer Never Going Home - to become an underground favourite. Time Cops is a good name for a band that looks to the past while trying to move forward. Future fame may lay ahead, but right now they painted themselves in a niche that is only frequented by connoisseurs and music geeks. Lucky for them, both groups tend to be pretty vocal about their tastes and discoveries, so playing the long game might be the way to go.

Time Cops: End Of History EP

End Of History is released via Nemutai Samurai (cassette limited edition of 50 copies, digital).

  1. End Of History
  2. Voidekno
  3. Forget Me
  4. Dreaming Off The End Of The World
  5. Auto-Apology
  6. Remember Those Times
  7. All I Wanted
  8. Never Going Home

Live dates:
  • 03/19 Prat de Llobregat, Spain @ La Capsa El Prat
  • 04/29 Barcelona, Spain @ Sala Taro

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