March 29, 2022

Russ Kaplan: Lake Songs

Keyboard player Russ Kaplan combines his love for the jazz era and nature on his new album, Lake Songs, a collection of instrumentals inspired by the wild life of Florida. Putting his experience as a theatrical composer to good use when he created themes for each animal: slow moving ones for the Manatee amd Tortoise, and jumpy upbeat ones for the Tiny Lizards and Leopard Frog.

Kaplan's gentle touch and knack for storytelling without using words - he did a wonderful job with The Ulysses Cycle in 2013 - make Lake Songs the musical equivalent of aural documentary about creatures that never make it to the cover of National Geographics, but are essential for the environment. Recommendeded to listening to it as a whole, using decent headphones.

Russ Kaplan: Lake Songs

Lake Songs is a self-released album (CD, digital). Buy it from his website.

  1. Manatee
  2. Diamondback
  3. Egret
  4. Apple Snail
  5. Tiny Lizards
  6. Spanish Moss
  7. Leopard Frog
  8. Gator
  9. Watersnake
  10. Tortoise


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