March 14, 2022

HCTF premiere - Paul Andrews: "Borrowed Time" video

Synth-pop artist Paul Andrews knows how to make things sound good. He is one of those rare musicians who is blessed with perfect pitch, a gift he put to good use doing remixes and engineering for quite a few big names (Robyn, Gloria Estefan, and Dolly Parton). His coming out as an artist in his own right took some time. He released his first album Light and Dust in 2019 and it gave him to confidence to record a follow-up record, From the Distance, that came out last January.

Cartoonist Mitch E. Vicieux created an animated video for the single Borrowed Time, an utterly danceable mainstream floorfiller, harking back to the days of '70s disco and soul. The lyrics urge the listener to savour the moment, because happy times can end abruptly without any warning - Andrews' close friend Dwayne was cut short savagely in 2012 and it still hurts.


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