March 12, 2022

Donna Blue: Solitaire

Dutch retro-pop duo Donna Blue always had a soft spot for the early Sixties French yé-yé pop, which they channeled succesfully on their 1 2 3 single in 2018. It is a genre that sounds deceptively sunny, but there is always trouble brewing in the distance. On their new track Solitaire two lovers find themselves at sea in a small boat that isn't designed to handle the storm that is coming straight at them. Danique van Kesteren and Bart van Dalen have created yet another time capsule, who contents sounds colourful and dark simultaneously.

Solitaire is released via Snowstar Records. Their first full-length Dark Roses will be released on May 13 and is available for pre-order here (vinyl, CD, digital).

SXSW Festival in Austin, TX dates:
  • 03/12 EU Party at Native @ 10:00pm
  • 03/15 NDW at Wax Myrtle's @ 6:30pm
  • 03/16 Cheer Up Charlies (inside) @ 8:40pm
  • 03/17 Austin Convention Center @ 12:30pm
Dutch live dates:
  • 05/17 Melkweg, Amsterdam
  • 05/18 Paard, Den Haag
  • 05/19 Hedon, Zwolle
  • 05/26 Mezz, Breda
  • 05/27 Ekko, Utrecht
  • 05/29 Patronaat, Haarlem
  • 06/02 Luxor Live, Arnhem
  • 06/05 Rotown, Rotterdam


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