March 04, 2022

Dogzen Zendog: Laura (In The Rainstorm)

Dogzen Zendog
photo: Astrid Bärndal

Dogzen Zendog has released Laura (In The Rainstorm), the lead single from the forthcoming album Petals Nails. The project is the brainchild of English musician Glenn O'Halloran, who has put his avant-garde post-rock leanings on the back-burner for this track, going for a more subdued early Roxy Music vibe. Take note “Big Tenor" Joe O’Halloran channeling Andy Mackay. It is the perfect soundtrack for a gloomy day, with the clouds gathering in the distance.

The album version will be nearly twice as long, giving it more room for the ominousity that appears to be lurking in the shadows. The video was made by Astrid Bärndal.

Laura (In The Rainstorm) is released via Xenotone. Buy it from his website. Petals Nails will be released in May (vinyl, digital).

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