March 19, 2022

Al Garcia: Between Worlds

Al Garcia is a fusion bass and guitar virtuoso, whose dexterity and gift for melody come to the fore on his latest album, Between Worlds. While a lot of his peers can get lost in restless noodling, he is one of those rare musicians who can provide his own intricate bottom end for his six string excursions. He is also his own drummer, keyboard player and can handle a guitar synthesizer, which allowed him to build the tracks from the ground up, with plenty of attention to detail, but also giving himself some leeway to improvise.

Garcia has fully embraced the possibilities of digital technology, which enables him to create a sort of Sci-Fi jazz in All Is Not As It Seems and the Zappaesque rhythm shifts in Double Take. When push comes to shove, Between Worlds is first and foremost a celebration of the bass in fusion. All the other instruments follow its lead and when the foundation is both solid and adventurous, the music can flow and blossom.

Between Worlds is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Full Tilt
  2. Between Worlds
  3. First Light
  4. All Is Not As It Seems
  5. Willy-Nilly
  6. Time's Whisper
  7. Double Take


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