February 03, 2022

Shock of Daylight: Clouds Unfold

Scottish multi-instrumentalist Danny Currie has been creating adventurous post-punk instrumentals with his Shock of Daylight project since 2013. On his new album Clouds Unfold he explores the motorik beats of Krautrock (Mansoul) en dives into sparse ambient electronics a la Philip Glass (Ghost Seam). The stand-out track is The Low Geometries, a slow moving collision of drones and noise-rock, setting up a table for John Cale and Sonic Youth to have a conversation.

Currie's tapestry of sounds is like a maze to get lost in. There is no set course, but there is nothing wrong with wandering around in awe. Any adventurous niche labels out here willing to release this as a 2LP 45rpm in a gatefold sleeve?

Clouds Unfold is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from his website.

  1. Clouds Unfold
  2. Mansoul
  3. Ghost Seam
  4. The Low Geometries
  5. Lucia

» shockofdaylight.com

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