February 20, 2022

Lannie Flowers: Flavor Of The Month

Lannie Flowers

Power pop guitarist and singer Lannie Flowers started sharing free downloads of singles in 2019. These were tracks that would not fit on his Home album, but he wanted them out in the world. The series was dubbed March To Home and it did not take long for people to ask him if there would be an album to collect them all. During the pandemic Flowers decided to remix the tracks, in order to get the sound right for at home listening, in stead of the more punchy sound of the originals - those were fine for car radio and run-of-the-mill earbuds. Exhibit A: the new mix of the orchestral psych-pop extravaganza About You blows the original mix out of the water.

It was time consuming task, but now Flavor Of The Month is here and it was well worth the wait. The songs are allowed to breathe like they did in the 70s, whether is it the mostly acoustic Let It Go - the song that got the whole remix thing started - or the full-blown, sunny side up approach in Summer Blue, that will strike a chord with fans of The Foreign Films. Flowers can rock out in the title track Flavor Of The Month, and make his guitar howl and stutter in Day Glow All Night. Since all tracks were originally released as singles, there is no sign of filler. It is an album with 14 A+ A-sides.

Lannie Flowers: Flavor Of The Month

Flavor Of The Month is released (CD, digital) via Big Stir Records and Spyderpop Records, Release date: February 25th. A vinyl version will see the light of day later this year and comes with a bonus CD with the original mixes.

  1. Don't Make Me Wait
  2. Lost In A Daydream
  3. Good Wave
  4. Summer Blue
  5. The One
  6. Let It Go
  7. Where Did All The Fun Go
  8. Flavor Of The Month
  9. What Did I Know
  10. Day Glow All Night
  11. Doin' Fine
  12. About You
  13. Anything But Love
  14. My Street (Front Porch Version)

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