January 06, 2022

Toby Goodshank: Truth Jump Fall

Another Toby Goodshank album gets the 10th anniversary treatment. Truth Jump Fall is an anti-folk gem, with the NYC musician using the perspective of an outsider trying to get in. He tries to be aloof, claiming that he is doing alright, while he obviously isn't. The death of his father became the subject matter for the title track. "It's ok to be alone", he sings in My Reflection and he doesn't mind that those Wedding Bell are not ringing for him.

Goodshank used his music as both a means to escape from the harsh reality and a coping mechanism when his personal life was in tatters. Lucky for him Jack Dishel, his bandmate from the Moldy Peaches, was on hand to help to make sense of it all and turn it into a dark but alluring set of songs.

Truth Jump Fall is re-released via Tiny Room Records (vinyl - Netherlands) and BB*ISLAND (vinyl, CD - Germany).

  1. Truth Jump Fall
  2. Wedding Bells
  3. Prelude To Fire
  4. The Journey Back Down Jump Truth Mountain
  5. Baby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut In Half
  6. The 3 Is Silent
  7. Sarah & Jon
  8. My Reflection

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