January 18, 2022

Mean Old Fireman And The Cruel Engineers: Dumpster Fire

Ned Bollé
photo: Catherine Photography

Boston band blues band Mean Old Fireman And The Cruel Engineers sound pretty cheerful and funky on their second album Dumpster Fire, but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that main man, singer and slide guitarist Ned Bollé has had his share of bad days. He is a Berkelee graduate who became a paramedic driving an ambulance and a firefighter, two professions that had him dealing with quite a few harrowing experiences. He put it to good use for the originals Tour Three (about night shifts) and Got No Spoons (about saving a girl from overdosing).

He and his band are not purists, and breathe new life into classics like >Barefootin' and Rocket 88. Ever wondered what the Blues Brothers could have done with the Rory Gallagher song Too Much Alcohol? Of course they would have added a sax solo and Martin Philips rose to the challenge. Dumpster Fire celebrates the blues as a means to deal with problems of all sizes.

Mean Old Fireman And The Cruel Engineers:
Ned Bollé: vocals, slide guitar, guitar, banjo on #4, mandolin on #4, bass on #2, 5 and 8, percussion on #3 and 4
Joey Pafumi: drums, percussion
John Wadkins: keys
Dana Andrews: harmonica
Lou Spagnola: bass on #3, 6, 7 and 8
Rick Plourde: bass on #1, 4 and 10
Toby Soriero: lead guitar on #6
Martin Philips: saxophone
Christina Lacoste: backing vocals on #2, 4, 8 and 10
Chat de Rouelle: backing vocals on #2 and 7
“Shockwell” Morency: backing vocals and percussion on #2

Mean Old Fireman And The Cruel Engineers: Dumpster Fire

Dumpster Fire is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Tour Three
  2. McArthur's Cunning Ruger
  3. Barefootin'
  4. Stack O Lee
  5. Your Mind Is On Vacation
  6. Got No Spoons
  7. Cold Women With Warm Hearts
  8. Too Much Alcohol
  9. Rocket 88
  10. Outrun The Blues

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