January 21, 2022

Amimea: For Granted

Dutch avant-pop artist LIJO goes back to her first love as a musician: the piano. This change of style and mood deserves a new name and she picked Amimea as the stage name for her debut as a neo-classical composer and performer. The tracks on For Granted were laid down during a 24 hour recording frenzy in the first weekend of the lockdown in early 2020. Her touch is firm, as if she is trying to get a grip on things when the world grinded to a halt. If anything, she won't allow the pandemic to stop her from creating.

The keywords for her composititions are elegance and subtlety. She leds the music lead her, exploring motifs and inserting small runs of notes that fit seamlessly. The music took her by surprise, but it looks that this side project will become her main outlet for the near future, as she is already working on a second album. Recommended if you like Ella van der Woude and Lavalu.

For Granted is released via Revanche Records.

  1. Once
  2. Both Of Us
  3. In Silent Cities
  4. Through The Years
  5. Drifting
  6. After All
  7. Like Seagulls
  8. Parting Ways

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