December 26, 2021

Words about music (618): Bobby Gillespie

If you want some indication of where our band's comin' from musicall and about the way we look at things musically, I bought Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols and I Feel Love by Donna Summer on the exact same day and that should tell you something about the attitude of our band. If you speak to Primal Scream about music, you'll talk about a lot of different styles: you'll talk about Miles Davis, you'll talk about Prince Far-I, Lee Perry, Hank Williams, Al Green, James Carr, you know there'd be a lot of different shit in there, and it's pretty varied but you can't deny that music moves you. These people make records that can save your life, and they've saved mine on more then one occasion. Music should be in last place where there's any segregation 'cos there's so much segregation in society; yer Catholics, yer Protestants, yer men, yer women, yer homosexuals, yer straights, yer fuckin' football teams. Music's the only place where there are no frontiers apart from what you lack in your own imagination.

Bobby Gillespie

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