December 30, 2021

Poison Ivy: the Guitar World interview

An interview with Poison Ivy, guitarist for psychobilly pioneers The Cramps, that been gathering dust since 2003, was finally published in Guitar World. She got her sound from Duane Eddy and Lady Bo, “the Queen Mother of Guitar”, best known for her work on the Bo Diddley singles Hey! Bo Diddley, Mona and and Road Runner. And although she and Lux Interior, her husband and the band's singer, both loved Chuck Berry, they were careful not to copy him:

I had one thing as a kind of criteria. We loved Chuck Berry, but we had a rule that we wouldn’t do Chuck Berry licks. All rock ’n’ roll from the '60s, going into the '70s, was based on Chuck Berry, at the exclusion of any other influence. So even though we loved Chuck, we decided to do all we could to not have that influence. There was too much, y’know?

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