December 17, 2021

Pink Floyd: stream 12 early '70s live shows

Twelve vintage Pink Floyd shows have been made available on streaming services. Recorded between 1970 and 1972 these concerts capture them in full flight, before they became a household name after the release of The Dark Side Of The Moon on March 1, 1973. It's a bit odd that they released the Copenhagen show in two parts and that they paired both Lyon 12 June 1971 - Tokyo 16 March 1972 and Leeds 28 Feb 1970 - St. Louis 16 Nov 1971 as combined playlists. The Tokyo show contains an early rendition of DSOTM all the way until a part of Us and Them. The full show has been readily available on YouTube with a complete Us and Them and Any Colour You Like > Brain Damage > Eclipse sequenze.

The overall sound quality is not that great - the Amsterdam show for instance is a mediocre audience recording - and they offer nothing new for seasoned bootleg collectors. For the best sound go to the professionally recorded Montreux shows. However, having easy access to early Floyd is nice.

The streamable shows in chronological order:

  • Live at Grosser Saal, Musikhalle, Hamburg, West Germany 25 Feb 1971
  • They Came in Peace: Leeds University, Leeds, UK 28 Feb 1970 - Washington University, St. Louis 16 Nov 1971
  • Mauerspechte Berlin Sportpalast, Berlin,, West Germany 5 June 1971
  • for
  • Palaeur Rome,, Italy 20 June 1971
  • Amsterdamse Bos Free Concert, Amsterdam, Netherlands 26 June 1971
  • Lyon & Tokyo, Lyon 12 June 1971 - Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan 16 March 1972
  • Live in Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland 18 & 19 Sept 1971
  • KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark 23 Sept 1971
  • KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark 23 Sept 1971 Vol II
  • Over Bradford Pigs on the Groove, Bradford University, UK 10 Oct 1971
  • Embryo, San Diego, CA Live 17 Oct 1971
  • The Screaming Abdabs, Quebec City, Canada Live 10 Nov 1971


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