December 28, 2021

Jason Rueger and The Eyes: Two Ships

Jason Rueger and The Eyes
photo: Elle Bottrell

LA based band psych-folk Jason Rueger and The Eyes are embracing melancholy and missed opportunities on their new single, Two Ships. It is easy to get lose track of each other while at sea in the middle of the night and the fog only males it worse. It is a whispered cry for help and a pleas to keep searching rolled into one. The video was directed by Joe Sadler, the band's bassist.

Their new album Dowsing in the Desert will be released on February 18th, 2022.

Jason Rueger and The Eyes:
Jason Rueger: vocals
John Bottrel: guitar
David Gavrishov: keyboards
Wayne Miller: drums
Joe Sadler: bass
Greg Ullery: pedal steel


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