December 21, 2021

Feutre: Nos rencontres


French laidback quartet Feutre have found a way to combine jazzy vocals and retro-pop, with touches of early Bowie and the carefree arts for arts sake attitude of Serge Gainsbourg. Multi-instrumentalst Michaël Korchia and singer Virginie Raynaud bonded over a shared love for soft-spoken melodies in 2019 and started writing the material that is now available on the debut album, Nos rencontres.

With the addition of two guitarists - Pierre Cazal and Olivier Dubarry (who also brought in his Farfisa organ) they serve up a full-course meal of tasty pop songs about awkward circumstances and things going terribly wrong, without letting it getting them down. There is always a new evening (Encore un soir) or a trip with fresh opportunities to look forward to (Un jour nouveau).

Virginie Raynaud: vocals
Michaël Korchia: bass, guitar, keyboards, programming
Olivier Dubarry: guitar, Farfisa
Pierre Cazal: guitar

Feutre: Nos rencontres

Nos rencontres is released via Kocliko (CD, digital).

  1. Les regards étrangers
  2. Pour oublier
  3. Apocalypse
  4. Te fuir
  5. Encore un soir
  6. Mal façon
  7. Acte 1
  8. Sentiments
  9. Un jour nouveau

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  1. Thnks a lot for this review, Hans!
    Much appreciated :)

  2. it's a delicate album with a great landscape of melancholy. Thanks Feutre !