December 06, 2021

Amethysts: Amethysts

English dream pop synth duo Amethysts took their sweet time to complete their self-titled debut album. Some of their early singles did not make the cut, but tracks like the meandering Pressure Makes Diamonds, the poppy How It Is and the first part of the anxious Frore did.

Rounding up tracks that were recorded over probleinged period of time and create a coherent whole can be challlenge, but Clarice and Simon found their sound right of the bat: upfront vocals on top of vintage synths and shape-shifting rhythms. At this stage of their career they are incurable romantics, worrying that it might not last (Forget-me-not, Alone). It is an endearing state of mind that they managed to bottle in a bunch of songs to be played by candlelight, while enjoying a couple of choice beverages and party nibbles.

Amethysts: Amethysts

Amethysts is released via Shuy Cat Music.

  1. Intro
  2. How It Is
  3. Pressure Makes Diamonds
  4. Forget-me-not
  5. My Love
  6. Semi-precious
  7. Stones
  8. Wreckers
  9. Young
  10. Frore Pt.1
  11. Frore Pt.2
  12. Alone
  13. Outro (Make It All Better)


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