November 11, 2021

PRP: No Pristine Rubbery Perception

photo: Mikko Huotari

Finnish progressive rock multi-instrumentalists Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen stepped away a bit from the classical leanings of their Grus Paridae project when they released the guitar heavy Rubber Sun single in 2017, naming themselves PRP for the occassion. Now, four years later they have turned Rubber Hands into a multi-part composition, adding linking pieces to create a full album, No Pristine Rubbery Perception.

They could have done with a little less tinkering with the vocals, especially during Exp. It will go down well with people who are craving for a bit of early solo Steven Wilson stuff. Kurki and Turtiainen have thrown in the debut's single B-side SunSon as a bonus track and it's different mood ruins the atmosphere they so carefully constructed, so hitting "pause" is advisable.

Petteri Kurki: vocals, bass, synth, guitar. drum and percussive composing and programming
Rami Turtiainen: vocals, synth, guitar, drum and percussive composing and programming

PRP: No Pristine Rubbery Perception

No Pristine Rubbery Perception is a self-released album (CD, digital). Buy it from their website.

  1. Rubber Hands, Pt. 0 – Prelude of the Distant Past
  2. Rubber Hands
  3. No
  4. Rubber Hands, Pt. II – Days
  5. Exp
  6. It's Never Always
  7. Rubber Hands, Pt. III – The Sea of Streets
  8. SunSon (bonus track)

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