November 04, 2021

Leah Callahan: Short Stories

Boston based indie singer and songwriter Leah Callahan (Turkish Delight, Betwixt, The Glass Set) finally released a new solo album earlier this year, the upbeat Simple Folk. It gave her taste for more and the follow-up Short Stories follows the same blueprint - carefully crafted college rock songs - albeit digging a little deeper lyrically. She tries to make to sense of female animosity (Competitive Clara) and looks back on a relationship that went South (Tom and the Dog)

Having fun at night is all fine and dandy (Party), but when the house lights go on, the far less adventurous reality of everyday life can have an instantly sobering effect. It can be pretty lonesome (Dawn and a Bottle of Wine) and dragging yourself to a dead-end job (Spirit Haus) to pay the rent is no picnic either. Callahan offers honest snapshots from her life and her surroundings. The album's sole cover, Robert Palmer's Johnny and Mary, fits in perfectly. With Alex Stern and Alex Brander having her back again she has found her niche.

Leah Callahan: vocals
Alex Brander: drums
Alex Stern: guitars and piano, arrangements
Richard Marr: producer/engineer

Short Stories is a self-released album. Buy it from her website.

  1. Neil the Dancing Girl
  2. Competitive Clara
  3. Johnny and Mary
  4. Party
  5. Night at the Cooler
  6. Lady of the Lake
  7. Tom and the Dog
  8. Dawn and a Bottle of Wine
  9. Spirit Haus
  10. Palm of Your Hand

» Leah Callahan on Bandcamp

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