October 12, 2021

The Brothers Steve: Dose

At first it may seem that L.A. based quintet The Brothers Steve are another act reviving the sound of sixties sunny-side up West Coast pop on Dose, their second full-length. And yes, happy songs like Sugarfoot and Wizard Of Love are all sun and rainbows and hippies will come running to hear a song called Next Aquarius. But there is more this album, a collection of songs that dips into early glam-rock with Mrs. Rosenbaum and Better Get Ready, offers shifting lyrical perspectives in the futuristic Love Of Kings, and sumptuous power pop a la Big Star with Electro-Love.

Dose brings the sound of Summer, with its glorious three-part harmonies and with light and shade as equal partners. The folks rocking tie-dyed shirts will love them, but those who prefer black will love it as well. Make the climb to Griffith Observatory and enjoy the view.

The Brothers Steve:
Dylan Champion: vocals, guitar
Jeff Solomon: bass
Os Tyler: vocals
Jeff Whalen: vocals, guitar
Steve Coulter: drums

Dose is released via Big Stir Records (CD, digital). Release date: October 15.

  1. Get On Up
  2. Next Aquarius
  3. Mrs. Rosenbaum
  4. Wizard Of Love
  5. She Will Wait
  6. Electro-Love
  7. Sugarfoot
  8. Griffith Observatory
  9. Love Of Kings
  10. Better Get Ready

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