September 21, 2021

Wildgroei: Milde Klachten

Dutch experimental pop act Wildgroei are now a trio, with the addition of Rick Weren on bass and more. Stefanie Janssen and Martin Boorwater have welcomed their new member with open arms, allowing them to add a bit of rock to their mix of new wave, opera and trip hop that made their debut EP Ik ging er op staan so special.

On Milde Klachten ("mild symptoms") they tackle bugs (De Mot, health scares and unwanted advice (Hartkliniek, internet connection issues (Netwerk and the current clusterfuck (Warboel). Janssen puts her classical vocals training to good use, making each word count and projecting emotions like they are going out of style. Boorwater and Weren are adamant to make their marks as well, providing an adventurous mix of licks, beeps and purrs. Don't be surprised when the main synth motif of Netwerk gets sampled a lot and finds its way to the dance floor.

Wildgroei: Milde Klachten

Milde Klachten is a self-released EP. Full stream on Spotify.

  1. De Mot
  2. Hartkliniek
  3. Netwerk
  4. Warboel

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