September 07, 2021

Them Jones: Soul on Paper

Philadelphia neo-psych band Them Jones open their new album, Soul on Paper, with a catchy blues tune, Iris Tumble, with guest musician Sam Spranger laying down some great harmonica. It is a change that worked out well and it sets the tone for the record with a run of roots-inspired songs. Going for a barebones, dry tone with distorted electric guitar fills - Shift Work Blues is the prime example - they swing at a leisurely pace.

Their previous album The Dark was about a world in turmoil, but repeating that same theme was never in the cards. Every troubles have taken precedence again (Don't Blame Me). Long time followers will pick the flute-driven A Soul on Paper, the instrumental Kate Green and the slow Take Heart as their favourites, because that's how Them Jones sounded a couple off years ago. They are advised to use them as a gateway to the new approach.

Them Jones:
Frank Tobin: rhythm guitar, vocals
Dan Leyden: drums
Brian Dlugosz: bass
Jim Leyden: guitar, vocals, production
Sam Spranger: harmonica on "Iris Tumble"
Donata Greco: flute on "A Soul on Paper"

Them Jones: Soul on Paper

Soul on Paper is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Iris Tumble
  2. Another Hole in the Road
  3. Shift Work Blues
  4. Don't Blame Me
  5. Ready, Fire, Aim!
  6. Mrs. Parrot
  7. A Soul on Paper
  8. Kate Green
  9. Take Heart

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