September 15, 2021

The Wilderness Of Manitoba: Sometimes

Canadian alternative folk rock band The Wilderness Of Manitoba have gone through some changes since the release of their last album, Across The Dark, in 2017. Founding member Will Whitwham has teamed up with Victoria Carr (vocals, acoustic guitar), Tavo Diez de Bonilla (bass, vocals), and Adam Balsam (drums, vocals, guitar, keyboards). They have made video for their new single Sometimes, like its predecessor The Alchemist it an exploration about the fleeting nature of time. Superb melancholic pop that could be mistaken for a long lost gem of the Laurel Canyopn scene of the early seventies.

Whitwham wrote it with Marlon Rabenreither aka Gold Star. It will be included on the new full-length, Farewell To Cathedral, due for release in the Fall. The clip was filmed by Maggie Gray.

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  1. That was a truly beautiful piece of music! Congratulations Will and friends, you are really hitting the nail on the head at the moment! Funny that the cat is called Garfunkel, as the general aura of the song reminded me of nothing less than Simon and Garfunkel at their finest. A tune that unfolds gently rather than forces itself upon you. Excellent stuff.