September 16, 2021

Johnny Dowd: new album "Homemade Pie"

Johnny Dowd decided that is way time to go back to the music he grew up with for his new album Homemade Pie, recorded with long time collaborators Kim Sherwood-Caso and Michael Edmondson:

i call my new album HOMEMADE PIE because i recorded it at my house and i like pie--i could have called it PIE A LA MODE but i didn't---i think this is the best batch of songs i've written in long time--i had plenty of time last year to dig in so that's what i did--i had one rule for writing and recording this record---no second guessing---in other words DON'T BE CLEVER [nobody likes a wiseass]--musically the album influenced by the music i grew up with-soul -blues-country + a little garage rock----like most records it's best listened to loud with windows down and nothing but open road ahead--i hope u like it--if not -no hard feelings

Some of the new stuff will surely be played during his tour. Dowd contributed his version of Farm Boy to The Wanderer - A Tribute To Jackie Leven, which will be available on September 17.

Live dates:
  • 09/19 Brooktondale, NY @ Brightspark Jam
  • 09/23 A Demystification of Songwriting (online workshop)
  • 09/24 Oxford, MS @ Oxford Blues Festival
  • 09/25 Nashville, TN @ Andy’s Americana Mitzvah
  • 09/26 Memphis, TN @ DKDC
  • 09/27 Memphis, TN @ House Concert (get in touch)
  • 10/22 Metuchen, NJ @ The Old Franklin Schoolhouse
  • 10/23 Washington, DC @ Lucky Penny House Concert
  • 11/03 Bloomington, IN @ The Orbit Room
  • 11/04 Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub
  • 11/05 TBA
  • 11/06 Black Mountain, NC @ Roadmaster Stage


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