September 08, 2021

It's Karma It's Cool: "Coffee Cup Circles" video

English power pop quartet It's Karma It's Cool made a video for their new single, Coffee Cup Circles: "They go fast on this one - caffeine might have been involved, as singer James Styring reminisces about better days when the stains on the table were a bit of nuisance, but in hindsight not that big a deal. Drummer Danny Krash keeps it all together, when guitarist Martyn Bewick and bass player Mikey Barraclough are playing up a storm, only slowing down a bit when they switch to psychedelic rock for a bit".

Coffee Cup Circles is a self-released single. Buy it from their website. It is a track from their forthcoming new album, Homesick For Our Future Destination, to be released 5th November 2021 via Kool Kat Musik and their own website.

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HCTF review of Coffee Cup Circles.

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