September 30, 2021

ISLE: A Siren’s Call

photo: Stefanie de Beurs

Dutch dream pop duo ISLE Singer Lise Low and multi-instrumentalist Arjan de Wit bonded over a love for free flowing music and set out to create an alternate universe where their ideas could grow and bear fruit. Their debut album A Siren’s Call is an ode to nature, a trip to both an inner and outer world that is deceptively peaceful. As musicians they like to test the boundaries of their skills - Low struggles a bit sometimes to reach the high notes in Indigo Sky, but always manages to stay in tune.

Using trip hop rhythms to give some of the songs a gentle nudge was a smart move, but they really shine when the music becomes more abstract in conjunction with orchestrated parts like they use in Pilgrims & Nomads and Paint The World. Lyrically they can be romantic or very direct as they do in the opening verse of Louder (come hither backbeat included): "Your beautiful body seems only to call my name // The strength in your soft touch // is driving me insane // Your voice like a siren // enchants me, and I can’t // escape // You call out my name and you // wait for the moment I break".

A Siren’s Call provides a trip without the need for extra stimulants, although they do recommend "to enjoy [it] over a good glass of whiskey or wine while you sit down and just let the alluring melodies wash over you".

Lise Low: lead vocals
Arjan de Wit: acoustic & electric guitars, pedal steel guitar, bass, synths, percussion, mini mellotron, backing vocals
Robbert Deurloo: drums & cymbals, percussion
Jozua Dieleman: piano, organ
Oscar Lagerström: bass
Ardie van der Knijff: electric guitar
String Ensemble: Anna Sophie Torn, Erika Bordon, Marco Ramirez Ocaña, Remco Woutersen, Anouk Meijer, Ardie van der Knijff

ISLE: A Siren’s Call

A Siren’s Call is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. The CD comes with an illustrated book with all the lyrics and accompanying short story that puts the songs in a wider perspective.

  1. Lone Wolf
  2. Indigo Sky
  3. Pilgrims & Nomads
  4. Waters
  5. Paint The World
  6. Caught In My Brain
  7. Song of Trees
  8. Louder
  9. Soar

Live dates:
  • 10/01 Dordrecht, Netherlands @ Bibelot
  • 10/08 Austerlitz, Netherlands @ Beauforthuis
  • 11/18 Utrecht, Netherlands @ Ekko (supporting Wolf & Moon)
  • 12/18 Deventer, Netherlands @ Mimik
  • 02/05 Wiltz, Luxembourg @ Cooperations entreprise socio-culturelle Prabbeli


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