August 05, 2021

Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls: on tour in the UK and mainland Europe

English old school blues trio Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls finally had the change to promote their latest album Voodoo Bones & Vaudeville Blues in the UK, but now their fans Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands will also get a chance to attend one of their energetic live shows. "Tongue firmly-in-cheek they provide a full set of old school entertainment, a sideshow where vaudeville, blues and skiffle conspire to get their audiences to dance their asses of. Singer Jo Carley is a powerhouse who can holler and whisper, with multi-instrumentalist Tim Carley and bass player James Le Huray pushing her to give it her all. Bigots will wave their fingers at this kind of music, but anyone with a mind of their own can't help but love this".

UK live dates:
  • 09/04 Donington Park Farmhouse Castle, Donington, UK
  • 09/05 Art and Roots Festival, Aarschot, Belgium
  • 09/06 De Floeren Aap, Mechelen, Belgium
  • 09/07 Tortuga Unna, Germany
  • 09/08 Q - Café. Club. Kultur. Marburg, Germany
  • 09/09 Rote Res, Bodenmais, Germany
  • 09/10 Blau, Mannheim, Germany
  • 09/11 Kerrigan's Tavern, Martigny, Switzerland
  • 09/12 Lukas Bar, St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • 09/14 Sonic Ballroom, Cologne, Germany
  • 09/15 Heile Welt, Münster, Germany
  • 09/16 Barzoen Turnhout, Belgium
  • 09/17 Jeugdhuis Aurora, Borgloon, Belgium
  • 09/18 The Grand Canyon, Nazareth, Belgium
  • 09/19 Speciaal Bier Cafe Den Heilige Cornelius, Roermond, Netherlands
  • 10/02 Flower, Pot Derby, UK
  • 10/25 The Globe at Hay: Institute of Art and Ideas, Hay-on-wye, UK
  • 10/26 Three Horseshoes, Bradford-on-Avon, UK
  • 10/02 Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek, UK
  • 10/03 Filey Americana Festival, Filey, UK
  • 10/16 Green Note, London, UK
  • 10/29 The Dorothy Pax, Sheffield, UK
  • 10/30 Hoochie Coochie Club Halloween Night, Louth, UK
  • 10/31 The Jenny Lind Inn, Hastings, UK
  • 11/12 Flying Circus, Newark, UK
  • 12/01 What's Cookin'..., London, UK
  • 12/08 Robin 2, Bilston, UK


HCTF review of Voodoo Bones & Vaudeville Blues.

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