August 16, 2021

Jared Rabin: Cold Rain and Snow

Chicago based multi-instrumentalist Jared Rabin has been dabbling in jazz and prog, before gravitating to bluegrass. On his new all acoustic album Cold Rain and Snow he plays guitar, mandolin and fiddle, serving up a meal of traditionals and original material. Rabin likes to explore the boundaries of the genre, finding the proper for arrangement takes time, but when it is done right, the results are superb. Case in point: the instrumental West Fork North Branch, a challenging excercise for any band who are willing to take risks and hone their chops. The classic Whiskey Before Breakfast contains a few surprises that will drive the purists to cry wolf, but applying a fresh coat of paint can make a song shine like new.

Bluegrass is highly danceable and the deeper meaning of the lyrics might get lost in the revelry. Drone of Days deals with the boredom as a side effect of the pandemic. As a musician, he needs the response of his audience and being grounded sucks to put it mildly. On the upside: Rabin is able to poke fun at the pandemic as well, but it is all in good taste. Hey Mister Doctor is a tribute of sorts to Anthony Fauci.Cold Rain and Snow is both a blast from the past and a signpost to where bluegrass is heading right now.

Jared Rabin: Cold Rain and Snow

Cold Rain and Snow is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, digital) from his website.

  1. Cold Rain and Snow
  2. Hey Mister Doctor
  3. My Coyote
  4. Salt Creek
  5. No Sympathy
  6. West Fork North Branch
  7. Most Any Diamond
  8. Whiskey Before Breakfast
  9. Drone of Days
  10. Moonshiner


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