August 09, 2021

Great North Star: Great North Star

English musicians Dean Thom (guitars, organ, loops) and Phil Considine (drums, percussive elements and FX) have been playing together in various bands for 30 years. Their new ambient project Great North Star was kickstarted when Thom was asked to write some music for TV and film. it became a full album, exploring the nether regions of post-rock and progressive shoegaze. Smart use of loops enabled them to capture rhythm, lead and backbeat as if they were a full band. It is all about tone and moods - imagine Adrian Belew and Steve Hackett chilling out on a carefully manucered lawn, spiced up by sound effects and field recordings.

Thom and Considine play like two brothers from another mother. The compositions, inspired by the wonders of outerspace and Earth itself, flow at a leisurely pace, almost connected as one long piece music that will have the speakers of your audio setup purring like a contended cat. It is relaxing, but not in the boring New Age-y kind of way. Recommended if you like Brian Eno and Matt Stevens' solo output.

Great North Star is a self-released album (limited translucent red vinyl, digital). Buy it from their website. The vinyl is released via Mancunian label The Acid Test Recordings.

  1. Gliese 581g
  2. Dagger Dubber
  3. Deus Ex Machina
  4. Glories
  5. Getting A Fix
  6. Song Of The Ocean
  7. The Stones That Speak
  8. Being & Nothingness
  9. 750
  10. Dagger Dub
  11. Birds On The Dee Estuary

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